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Create a Meaningful Space with These 15 Simple Home Décor Ideas

Everyone has a different home style, design aesthetic, and personality that you want your home to reflect. Maybe you love vibrant colors and want to showcase that throughout your home with colorful artwork or a statement couch. Or maybe minimalism and a neutral palette is what makes your house feel like a home. Regardless of your style, there are many simple home décor ideas to bring more meaning into your space.

That’s why we’ve reached out to experts from Columbia, SC to Vancouver, CA for their best advice on creating a meaningful space with simple and easy home décor ideas. Find out what they’ve suggested so you can start decorating your home today.

Stay authentic to yourself. You don’t want a cookie cutter design or even a beautiful design if it doesn’t feel like home, if it doesn’t feel like you. We always encourage our clients to select belongings that mean something to them and bring them joy and then we will incorporate those items into the overall design to create a space that is beautiful, functional, and entirely you. – Kasia Karska Design

Make sure your home tells a story. Use candle fragrances that will tell the story you want to tell in your home. For instance, use a bakery scent to draw attention to your chef’s kitchen, use a fresh air scent to accentuate an open floor plan, or use a floral scent to compliment a gorgeous view. – Bobby Schmidt, Shortie’s Candle Company

Create a space that’s welcoming. Open up your home to friends, family and neighbors and make them feel welcome. Light a candle close to the front door to make a big impact when they walk in. Don’t feel like you need to have the same scent everywhere in your home. Mix and match. Have your scents compliment the season, fresh and earthy for spring and summer, warm and cozy for fall and winter. – Stacy Negrete, Oak Lane Candle Co.

Place candles inside larger glasses. Burning a candle inside of another clear, large glass vessel magnifies candlelight and ambiance of the room instantly. Pair this look with scents of citrus, mint, or lavender to refresh and re-energize you and your home. – Jenny Harrison,