Candle Decor

Decorating with candles is one of the quickest ways to make a space feel comfortable and inviting. With the warm glow of the flame, the crackling wood wick, and the enticing scents, it can instantly transform a room.

When you incorporate candles into your decor, the first thing you should consider is the scent. What do you want people to feel when they enter the space? Do you want a fresh and clean scent to brighten up a room? Or maybe you would like a rich, sweet smell to amp up the coziness.

One of the most popular scents from 76008 Candle Co. is our signature leather scented candle. With this scent, the room will have that rich sense of luxury that you feel when you smell a new pair of boots or enter a saddle shop. The hints of amber and suede also add a bit of sweetness to balance out the earthy scent of leather.

Once you have a scent picked out, decide whether you want a few small ones or one larger one. The nice thing about purchasing a few small candles is that you can spread them around the space, drawing the eye around the room. However, a larger candle lasts longer and still fills the space with fragrance.

After your candles have arrived, you can, of course, set them out on the counter or a coffee table. But if you want to be really creative, try out a few different ways to stage your candles. Put together a tray with other interesting items like a bud vase with flowers or some little knickknacks. If you have the supplies, place the candle in a wide glass vase, and surround it with stones, sand, or some small materials, like pinecones.