Decorate your home with candles

How to Decorate Your Home with Candles

Adding candles to your decor is a fantastic way to change up the feel of any room in a flash. Whether planning a romantic dinner for your loved one or treating yourself to an evening of well-deserved solitude, candlelight can set the perfect mood. It makes your space feel warmer and invites a sense of relaxation while adding a personal touch of style. In this blog, I'd like to share with you some of my favorite tips for using candles to decorate your home.

Colored candles

White columnar church candles are a classic that always looks elegant, but it's worth exploring other options too. Play around with accenting or contrasting your decor with candles of different colors and sizes to suit your whims. After all, candles get burnt, so you won't have to live with a mistake forever.

Candle holders

When it comes to choosing a candle holder, there are no rules to follow. Simply go for a piece that you love and will enjoy having in your home. Select a candle holder that complements the overall theme of the room that you'll use it in for a coordinated look or go for a statement piece that will get people talking.

Where and how to use candles in your decor

You can use candles to decorate almost every space in your home from the dining room to your bedroom.

  • Try placing a few small candles in glass jars on the table in your entry-hall t