The benefits of using natural soy candles

The Benefits of Using Natural Soy Candles

I've never been able to resist investing in a new scented candle or two to decorate my home, but it wasn't until the last couple that I discovered soy wax candles. Though they were actually invented in the 1990s, these natural candles have recently seen a surge in popularity. After hearing friends rave about the benefits of burning soy candles over traditional candles I tried them for myself. Not only did I convert but I also started candle making.

Soy candles are an eco-friendly choice

Soy candles are made from soybean oil, unlike traditional paraffin candles which are made from a by-product of petroleum. Soy is a fully renewable resource that can be grown sustainably, while the petroleum industry puts strain on the environment. So, by choosing soy wax candles instead of paraffin candles, you are making an eco-friendly choice.

Soy candles are healthier

When paraffin wax candles burn, they can release toxins and impurities into the atmosphere. These contaminants can cause lung irritation and are generally considered harmful to health. With soy candles, there is no need to worry. They are non-toxic and will not release anything nasty into the air in your home.

Soy wax burns longer and cleaner

Another advantage of soy candles over paraffin candles is that they burn more slowly, meaning your candle lasts longer. The vegetable wax burns cleanly too, so you won't get those sooty marks that paraffin candles often leave on glass and ceramic candle holders.

Soy candle spills are easy to clean up

If you've ever split paraffin wax on furniture or textiles, you'll know what a nightmare it is to clean up. When those little accidents happen with soy candles – no problem. The biodegradable wax is water soluble so soap and water will get rid of it.

Are you already a fan of soy candles or are you yet to give them a try? Let me know – I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Soy wax is Smooth on the Top and has a Nice SLow Burn. Soy wax is also eco-friendly.

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