Wood wick candles

Wood wick candles have been increasing in popularity over the past few years. So what’s the big deal? Why do people prefer wood wicks to the usual cotton wick?

The first thing you’ll notice when you burn a wood wick candle is a pleasant and cozy crackling noise. It provides an added layer of ambiance as if you’re sitting by a cozy fireplace. The relaxing sounds combined with the rich scent and mesmerizing flame make for the perfect self-care setting.

On top of that, wood wick candles disperse the scent of a soy candle better than a cotton wick would. Because soy candles take longer to burn than paraffin candles, the wide wood wick allows for a bigger, hotter flame. With a larger flame, more wax is burned off and more fragrance is released into the air. This will result in a better scent throw so that the area is filled with the candle fragrance more quickly.

Another nice thing about wood wicks is that they don’t “mushroom” the way cotton wicks do. Cotton wicks frequently have carbon build-ups that cling to the end of the wick. This needs to be trimmed to help the flame grow and remain stable. While wood wicks have some ash that will need to be trimmed off, it is significantly less than the cotton wick.

While there’s nothing wrong with a traditional cotton wick, wood wicks can just elevate the experience a bit more. If you’ve never tried one, give it a shot! You just may love it.